iPhone Application Development

iPhone Application Development

With each release of new iPhone version, the number of buyers surge phenomenally!

Imagine the vastness of uncharted business territory; you can penetrate with strategically deployed iPhone app!!

Codesture whets your competitive edge with immersive, appealing and strategically built iPhone apps!!

Apps in vivid presentable skins and power‐packed with cutting edge features that would appeal to the elite iPhone users and make them subscribe to your services/ products

Engaging iPhone apps

Our accomplished developers align their proficiencies with market quotients. Speaking so, our apps embrace a holistic development pattern dictated by app functionality, targeted users, time to market, cost constraints, competition in the niche segment, app life and other considerations.

iPHone apps developed by us incorporate the richness of software development framework provided by Apple Inc.

  • Native SDK: Apple’s Native SDK is a proven framework that simulates the development environment of Apple Inc Studio and conduces to scripting engaging apps that are definitely superior and efficient than alternate development platforms. Codesture utilizes the potential of SDK built over years to offer you stunning apps

  • Cross platform framework: We use Unity3D cross platform for developing apps whose underlying codes can be re-used and can be scripted in unbelievingly low time at jaw-dropping low rates. Apple apps built on this platform carry the trademark success quotient that gives you an unassailable advantage over adversaries and makes your app instantly popular

  • Hybrid framework: Using the hybrid platform, we build killer iPhone apps that support compilation of mobile oriented web pages developed with CSS, HTML5 or Javascript as app. Our developers extensively use the available plug-ins to develop seductive iPhone hybrid apps.

Our offerings

Android apps, developed by Codesture, stand out due to the technical edge embedded in them which insulates them from the vagaries characterizing capricious consumer moods. Our apps are scripted only after thorough analysis of your business logic and mapping the reactivity quotient of focussed prospects.

Our apps stand out in a market crammed with ordinary apps by virtue of
  • Inherent scalability, agility and user-friendliness of the apps
  • Zero bugs that may later result in glitches or costly downtimes
  • Shortest development time in the industry
  • Approval of prototype of the app prior to final deployment
  • Insights drawn from previous projects imbibed in present projects
  • Conducive development environment in-house facilitated by congenial infrastructure and vast resource base
  • Iron clad guarantee of stellar performance of the developed app
  • Absolute alignment of the development process with your business logic achieved through intensive seminar sessions with clients for incorporating desired features

We will gladly provide you with references of our past clients, on request, for whom we have delivered state of the art iPhone apps. Our reps can be reached 24X7 to have your specific queries answered satisfactorily. We adhere to committed delivery time frame and in no case renege on the promise made to our esteemed clients. You can count on our expertise and commitment.