Yii Development

Yii Development

Reliable, secure, swift and professionally inclined PHP Framework.

Yii: One stop PHP framework for state of the art web apps

Yii framework provides unparalleled performance and support when it comes to developing Web 2.0 dynamic applications. Yii is power packed with features that add richness to its increasing appeal. Web development time is curtailed remarkably with DAO, I18N/L10N, authentication, scaffolding, MVC, caching, testing and role based access control.

Fast platform

Redundant features that effectively delay the loading time have been axed in Yii. Required features are loaded and this coupled with robust caching support reduces the turnaround time. YII has been strategically designed to deliver optimally with AJAX.

Safe Platform

Yii is inextricably bundled with cutting edge security features. Security enhancement features include SQL injection, input validation, cross site scripting restriction, and output filtering.

Professionally oriented

Codes are clean, non-complex and can be easily reused. MVC development pattern is followed. The final presentable web page is clearly differentiated from the underlying logic. Yii is strategically suitable for developing applications for high traffic needs, courtesy its sophisticated caching solutions.

Codesture: Your strategic partner in establishing indelible online footprint

We make it possible for you to monetize on the web craze that has been sweeping the online platform. Our aesthetic, clean, and sleek web designs help you take your web venture to the next level with awesome ROI.

Our expertise lies in
  • Harnessing the inherent potential of Yii to create hassle free web platform with low learning curve
  • Optimal usage of component based designs for customizing web presence to your exact requirements
  • Catering to client’s needs to suit project needs of any size
  • Allowing complete control over configuration
  • Testing and debugging of application post deployment
  • Comprehensive logical analysis of business rationale to align final web page with your needs
  • Providing comprehensive and lucid documentation with final package
Why Us?
  • Our team consists of accomplished software professionals with 5+ years of experience
  • We have developed and deployed a number of prestigious projects on Yii framework
  • Competitive rates unparalleled in the market
  • Lowest turnaround time in the industry
  • Expertise in developing high traffic solutions like CMS sites, web portals, forums and e-commerce sites
  • Flexible approach with round the clock customer support
  • Strictly adhere to Non-Disclosure agreement and never divulge client’s sensitive business information
  • Agility attributable to robust infrastructural base
  • 360 degrees end to end support right from analysis of business logic to project deployment encompassing scope identification, project execution, implementation and training