Symfony Development

Symfony Development

Sizzling web applications with Symfony PHP framework!

Generic sites and web applications no longer impress visitors. Instead, they serve as potential distractors that send prospective leads away for ever.

Why compromise with quality when you can get seductive websites and apps created at a fraction of cost you were expected to invest earlier for such projects?

We, at Codesture, make it possible for you.

Symfony: Robust framework for scintillating web presence

symfony, doing perfect justice to its mellifluous meaning, is a cluster of reusable and decoupled PHP components which underlies awe‐inspiring applications like Drupal etc. It has taken PHP to the next level.

You stand to benefit from
  • symfony’s professional outcome which allows application interoperability and standardization
  • Stable environment continuously being enriched by professionals worldwide
  • Pragmatic set‐up that intends to address real world web necessities
  • Support extended by SensioLabs, which invented symfony in 2005, and complete ecosystem surrounding the framework
  • Significantly reduced development costs attributable to the open source license from MIT
  • Swiftness, agility, and reusability of components
  • Ability to use fragments of the framework like forms or translations management and dependency injector instead of the entire platform

Codesture: Building dynamic web applications

We will enhance your web presence with superlative sites and applications that would definitely draw more qualified leads.

You stand to gain from
  • 5+ years of experience of our certified software engineers well versed in symfony
  • Competitive and flexible hiring modules designed with you in perspective only
  • Our ability to create stunning sites and apps consuming twice lesser memory that conventional counterparts
  • Our expertise in configuring adaptable apps using event dispatcher and dependency injector features
  • Completely independent configurations underlying complicated applications with numerous functionalities
  • Scalable applications with multiple inter‐dependable modules that can be reused for any of your other projects’ entrusted to us
  • Our ability to alter the behaviour of the framework post deployment without seeking thorough reconfiguration of the entire underlying codes
  • Our proven expertise to build ultra‐secure applications that are not vulnerable to multiple threats looming on the online platform
  • Guarantee of complete compatibility between various versions of the deployed codebase
  • Native support for varied development environments
  • Flexible approach, plethora of support documentation, professional round the clock support, and industry’s best practices

symfony framework based web applications developed by us are easy to use and would satisfy your professionals and advanced needs comprehensively. You need not possess advanced knowledge to manoeuvre your site. We will help you strategically to get everything done.