PhoneGap Application

PhoneGap Application

Our proven PhoneGap driven mobile apps would bail you out of app success related predicaments!

We provide app development using PhoneGap’s robust framework. This open source platform facilitates development of hybrid apps with relative ease.

PhoneGap’s popularity as cross mobile development framework is steadily rising with support extended for prestigious mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Designed app’s underlying code can be ported to different smart‐phone operating platforms without requiring any re‐scripting

The Codesture advantage
  • Significant slashing of time and cost involved for app development and deployment
  • Feature rich engaging apps armed with a plethora of user friendly characteristics for optimum response from niche organic traffic
  • Extension of app functionality to complement your brand’s changing needs and market compulsions using fully compatible plug‐in architecture
  • Comprehensive hands‐on training imparted to our developers, thus enabling them to imbibe all contemporary PhoneGap advantages in your app without experiencing steep learning curve
  • Optimization of app through usage of smartphone based resources such as accelerometer, address book, camera and other widgets
  • Easy maintenance of codes as and when required to clip off redundant elements and streamline performance
  • Bug free codes that can run uninterruptedly without experiencing any glitch
  • Easily navigable apps that are easy for the targeted users to comprehend and extract intended action from them effortlessly
  • Hybrid apps are fully stable across multiple platforms and deliver uniformly
Avail the proficient assistance of certified PhoneGap Developers
  • Our developers’ competence in building smooth cross platform apps is vouched for by all our satisfied clients.
  • You can get access to previous case studies and client references upon request.
  • Each development is preceded by intensive sessions with clients to fully map their business logic and exact requirements so as to deliver seamlessly
  • Prototypes are presented for client approval so as to hasten the time to market and cut needless tweaking post delivery
  • Each app is tested under rigorous operating environment to ensure complete compatibility across varied platforms
  • Our reps are available 24X7 to answer your PhoneGap related specific queries and actuate hated efforts
  • Open source advantage is passed on to clients optimally to curtail development process related delays and cut costs
  • We have a dedicated project manager who would look after the entire workflow related to the project to expeditiously bring it to conclusion

Our assiduous PhoneGap team will materialize your app related aspirations by fully unlocking the vast potential of this awesome development framework.