Blackberry Application

Blackberry Application

Engagingly productive Blackberry applications to step up your brand’s corporate following!

Blackberry is preferred over iPhone and Android by most corporates globally. This can be attributed to the sleek and professional looks of the phone which helps people make a bold statement of their professional attitudes seamlessly.

The Codesture advantage

Our expert developers believe in building and delivering cutting edge Blackberry applications for maximum resonance from preferred users. Application development framework is robust, highly secure and immune to hacking or data theft attempts.

We harness the strong encryption capabilities of Blackberry platform to develop:

  • Bespoke Blackberry apps
  • Blackberry Games in 2D and 3D
  • CRM applications
  • Utility applications and widgets
  • Enterprise and corporate applications
  • Conducive environment for seamlessly integrating existing apps into Blackberry framework
  • Web applications

We also offer the following services:

  • Blackberry software Quality Assurance and testing services
  • Blackberry software support and maintenance

Our proficient developers can help materialize your professional aspirations for exponential growth in business pursuits. Our developers exhibit highest level of professional excellence and adhere to industry standards for delivering awesome outcomes at the committed budget and within promised deadlines.

Our developers

  • Possess 10+ years of experience developing state of the art Blackberry apps
  • Have innovatively built numerous immersive apps for prestigious brands
  • Are certified programmers, extensively trained in contemporary techniques
  • Have impeccable record of developing apps with lowest turnaround time
  • Surpass the expectations of clients by taking app development to the next level with unmatched creativity
  • Deliver apps after testing their integrity under rigorous operating environments
  • Can share prototypes and simulations of final app prior to delivery to incorporate last minute changes
  • Offer quality support even after app deployment
  • Code apps in architecturally slim manner to facilitate fast loading even in slower conditions
  • Script apps to make them scalable and easily portable to various versions
  • Can build stunning apps for the new platform Blackberry Playbook by harnessing QNX Neutrino microkernel architecture
  • Harness the potential of C, C++, graphical Application Programming Interface in 2D and 3D, gaming engines and GPS to add richer functionalities to apps
  • Make optimal use of BlackBerry Enterprise Servers, JDE, Widget SDK, Runtime APIs,Eclipse, Actionscipt, Java, RIM Blackberry SDK, Netbeans, etc. for building compelling apps fully compatible with all Blackberry platforms

Codesture has dedicated 24X7 customer helpline to answer your specific queries convincingly and troubleshoot problems riling you. Our hiring models are flexible and cost competitive. We cater to the banking, insurance, hospitality, food, real estate, e‐commerce, healthcare, manufacturing and other segments. Call us for a free estimate.