AngularJS Application

AngularJS Application

It is a Google maintained framework for websites. The innate and cleansed code generation of the various platform supports in development of super responsive and dynamic websites. It has developed as one of the best Javascript frameworks offered; allowing creation of effective views for web application. Especially, it is extending an easy draft for carrying out maintain developments and tests. It is offering enterprise ready single page web applications; by fulfilling the needs of every business that long to have rich Javascript framework application and web development.

AngularJS does not implement MVC in the traditional and old style sense, but quite something nearer to Model View ViewModel (MVVM). The team for Angular JS is referring it humorously as Model View.

AngularJS concepts covered in Codesture:
  • Controller: Java script functions have been bound to a particular scope.
  • Scope: Objects that referring to the model. They act as glue between views,controller.
  • Services: AngularJS is coming with some built‐in services like $http for making an XMLHttpRequests. Singleton objects which are instantiated only once in application.
  • Directives: it is marker on the DOM elements (such as attributes, elements, css, and more). It is used to make custom HTML tags which assist as custom, new widgets. AngularJS has built in directives (ngModel, ngBind..)
  • Model View : MVC is a particular design pattern to divide an apps into various parts(called View, Model, Controller), each having distinct responsibilities.
  • Routing: switching views concept of.
  • Templates: These rendered view with data from the model, controller. These will be a single file (such as index.html) or one page has multiple views using "partials".
  • Data‐binding: It is the synchronization automates of the data between view and models components.
  • Filters: These are selecting a subset of items from a selected array, and returns to a new array.
  • Deep Linking: Deep linking is allowing you to encode the state of apps in the URL so that it will be bookmarked. The apps will be restored from the URL to the same state.

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