ASP.Net Web Application

ASP.Net Web Application

ASP.NET is a framework for making applications and web sites from Microsoft. It is a best and basic platform with a well‐structured and sophisticated programming language, which simplifies production of robust, secure for web applications and websites.

Codesture is a revolutionary technology company presenting dedicated services in Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Azure based Windows‐based Applications solutions and Web base Applications. We are working on creating technologies on the Platform of Microsoft giving customers with complete and high‐performance solutions. We are adapting ourselves to moving business requirements and bringing to our customers with high and best performance solutions that are futuristic, scalable and relevant.

Asp.Net Application Development
  • Microsoft SharePoint , Windows
  • MSSQL server 2005/2008/2008R2
  • Windows Application, WPF
  • Web forms, Web services, and Web server controls
  • C#, LINQ
  • MVC 3.0,4.0,5.0
  • Web services, SOAP ,UDDI, WCF
  • Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5
Types of Application
  • Smart Device Application
  • ASP.Net web Application
  • Class Library
  • ASP.Net web Service
  • Windows Application
Advantages of .Net Development
  • Web applications created in .Net are safe as Windows configuration and confirmation could be attained for all application.
  • It is providing server blueprints and controls with the ability of drag and drop and instinctive operation.
  • It is Languages independent.
  • It significantly declines the quantity of written code necessary in too big web applications that are established in .Net framework.
  • Source code and HTML code are separated so changes could be done easily in .Net development.
  • This development is providing what you see is what you get.
Why Codesture for ASP.NET Application Development?

Codesture is a top .Net Development Firm for those industries looking for a reliable offshore design partner. Our ASP.Net Development service delivers the custom answer to multiple businesses across the whole industry. We are following the agile practice to supply performance‐driven and scalable solutions.

Our team always confirming that the ASP.Net development solutions, we are offering to improve the productivity of your business and giving your business grow. The Codesture team runs end‐to‐end solutions looking after operational support and complete maintenance for a continuous performance.

Strength of Codesture
  • We have total 8+ years’ IT experience
  • Certified Company
  • We have 2000+ client base
  • Codesture served totally 97+ countries
  • Created 3500+ Web Apps
  • More than 31+ Industries served